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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Gwin Dylanwad Wine yn Medina, Aberystwyth

Safle Newydd, Safon Ardderchog/New Location, Same Excellent Quality

Rydym yn falch o'n cysylltiadau a busnesau sy'n gwerthu ein gwin ac mae Medina yn Aberystwyth bendant yn taro'r nod. Ewch i'w safle newydd yn 10, Stryd y Farchnad i brofi bwyd gwahanol a modern iawn. Gallwch ddewis gwin o Dylanwad i bartneru un o'r salads iachus a blasus neu rhai o'r parseli bach cig hyfryd cefais heddiw! Awyrgylch braf, fodern ac agored gallwn eistedd yna trwy'r dydd ond yn anffodus roedd gwaith yn aros!

We're proud to be associated with the businesses that choose to sell our wines and Medina in Aberystwyth is no exception. I visited their new premises today at 10, Market Street and I have no hestiation recommending it. The food is interesting with great flavours, try one of our wines to complement a delicious meat-filled parcel with one of the healthy but tasty salads in this modern, airy space. Well worth the trip from Dolgellau!
Delicious Home-baked savouries Aberystwyth

Delicious Salads

Proud to supply wines to this excellent business

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Rarebit & Rioja - Recipes and Wine Tales from Wales

'Rarebit & Rioja' 'Bwyd a Gwin'
Recipes and Wine Tales from Wales

Lansiad o gyfieithiad 'Bwyd a Gwin', sef 'Rarebit & Rioja' sydd wedi cadw ni'n brysur yn ddiweddar. Ar ôl llwyddiant y fersiwn Gymraeg rhoddodd hwb i ni geisio llyfr Saesneg ac mae cychwyn eithaf da wedi bod. Yn ogystal â ryseitiau o'r dyddiau roedd Dylan yn rhedeg y bwyty, mae hanesion teithio i ddarganfod gwin.

The launch of the English version of our book 'Rarebit & Rioja' has been very exciting and already they are selling well. After the initial launch in Gwin Dylanwad Wine, we had a book signing in Cardiff, Abergavenny and Llandudno Waterstones. We have a busy schedule ahead of us with 'Siop Y Pethe' in Aberystwyth and Waterstones Aberystwyth in April; London Welsh on the 5th July and Penfro Book Festival on the 9th September to mention but a few!

Rydym yn ddiolchgar iawn i fy mrawd, Tom Griffiths a dynnodd y lluniau i'r llyfr. Treuliodd 'dw ni ddim sawl Dydd Sul a Llun yn ein cwmni yn trefnu bwyd roedd Dylan wedi coginio i'w gael mor ddeniadol yn y llun ac ar y plât! Sgil arbennig iawn rhaid i mi ddweud.  Cynghorodd ambell berson fod lluniau o fwyd yn anodd iawn - yup! - a doedd neb yn cymryd lluniau o fwyd go iawn ond 'triciau' gyda phaent ac yn y blaen yw ffotograffiaeth bwyd.  Wel, gallaf ddatgan nawr fod pob un llun yn y llyfr o fwyd go iawn, wedi'u goginio gan Dylan, ei ffotograffu gan Tom ac wedi'u fwyta gan Tom ar ôl y 'photoshoot' ddarfod.

We are very grateful to my brother Tom Griffiths for the lovely photographs of the recipes in the book. He spent many a Sunday and Monday arranging the food and messing around with different shots to try and get it just right. Food photography, as we quickly found out when trying to do our own pictures initially, is an extremely skilled job. Many advised us that it involved very little food but clever tricks of the trade with oils and paint etc.  Well I can tell you now, that every single recipe in this book was cooked by Dylan, photographed by Tom and subsequently eaten by Tom at the end of the photoshoot.
Photograph - Tom Griffiths

Noson Lansiad/Launch Night

Ar dudalen gyntaf o'r llyfr, mae llun arbennig gan fy nghefnder Andy Jones o’r tu allan o 'Gwin Dylanwad Wine'. I ddweud y gwir, mae dipyn o ffotograffwyr yn y teulu.  Mae ei frawd Alwyn Jones hefyd a'r sgil, ac yn meddwl yn ôl, roedd eu tad yn ddyn creadigol iawn ac yn deall y gêm yn dda. O beth rwy’n cofio, nid oedd John yn llawer o luniau teulu oherwydd credaf mai ef oedd yn eu tynnu!

On the inside cover of the book, my cousin Andy Jones provided this superb picture of the exterior of 'Gwin Dylanwad Wine'. We have a few photographers in the family, his brother Alwyn Jones is also skilled with a camera.  Indeed, their father John, a lovely gentle man who was always fun to be in his company, was a camera enthusiast too. Thinking about it, many of the family photographs were taken by him, as his absence from the pictures often testify.

Photograph -  Andy Jones
Mae llawer mwy yn y llyfr na ryseitiau, mae am deithio a'r egwyddorion o wneud gwin a'i bartneru gyda bwyd. Mor braf yw clywed fod pobl yn mwynhau'r straeon yn ogystal â'r coginio. Credaf hefyd fod gwerth tynnu sylw at y caligraffi hyfryd a luniodd mam Dylan. Bu farw pan oedd yn fachgen ifanc iawn ond hawdd gweld ei dylanwad ar ei mab gyda'i gariad at fwyd, coginio a'r pethau hardd ym mywyd.

The book really is more than just a recipe book.  It is a bit of a travel book and it's really nice to hear people commenting about their enjoyment of the stories, wine advice and  the chapters on the principles of making of wine.  I think it's also worth noting that there are two beautiful pieces of calligraphy illustrating recipes. These were created by Dylan's mother. Sadly, she died when he was very young but her influence lives on in Dylan's love of food, cooking and all things beautiful.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Ar Agor/Open

Blogio Eto!  Blogging Again!

Wel, ble 'da ni wedi bod?!  Ateb? Rhedeg y busnes ac yn panicio! Er ein bod wrth ein bodd gyda'r lle, mae'n rhaid dweud fod rhedeg siop a bar yn bur wahanol i redeg bwyty.  Un o'r manteision nawr ar ôl setlo yw'r gallu i adael y lle gyda'n staff hollol ddibynadwy a mynd i ffwrdd. Rydym newydd ddychwelyd o ffair win ym Montpellier ac roedd Gwin Dylanwad Wine yn parhau i agor fel arfer. Bydd Terri ac Emma yn mynd i Vinitaly efo Dyl ym mis Ebrill fel eu bod ddim yn colli allan! 
Where have we been?!  Running the business is the answer and this has been a steep learning curve. Even though we have come from a restaurant background, we've never run a bar before and certainly not a full blown shop. Having said that, we're getting used to it and really enjoying the experience. It's a totally different game but it is allowing us a bit more freedom (not a lot yet but we'll get there) - our fantastic team of staff last week ran the place for the half-term week while we visited a wine fair in Montpellier. They shouldn't feel too hard-done-by because Emma and Terri are going to Vinitaly with Dylan in April!

Ar agor ar 3 llawr/Open on 3 floors

Mae'r siop win yn y seler wedi gweithio'n arbennig o dda, nid yn unig oherwydd tymheredd perffaith i win ond hefyd mae'r lle yn siwtio. Ar ôl gwneud camgymeriadau ffôl fel rhoi'r pacedi cardbord Halen Môn lawr na rydym wedi rhoi silffoedd yn y darn gwydr ar y llawr cyntaf. Byddaf yn defnyddio'r pacedi Halen Môn 'na am byth! Dyna ni, pawb yn dysgu rhywsut! 

We're really pleased with the cellar wine shop, it suits the product and is a good constant temperature for keeping wine.  We made our mistakes! Like putting the Halen Môn (Welsh seasalt) down there - I'm still working my way through the damp-damaged packets! Cellars and cardboard packaged salt don't go, so we now have nice shelving in the glasshouse for the other food products.
Siop seler/Cellar shop

Yn y bar, gwelwch dair oergell fach tu nol i Caryl (sy'n canolbwyntio ar gael y gwydrau'n berffaith lan). Caniateir y rhain i ni gadw fyny i 15 gwin ar agor ar y tro am 3 wythnos. Felly, gallwn gynnig blasu bach yn y bar o winoedd unrhyw bryd yn ogystal â detholiad eang o winoedd da fesul gwydred neu botel.

In the bar, you can see the wine pods behind Caryl (who is diligently cleaning glasses). This preservation system allows us to keep up to 15 wines open for 3 weeks.  We can therefore offer mini-tastings in the bar at any time and a nice range of quality wines to drink by the glass or the bottle. 
Wine Pods - Preservation System

Fyny grisiau mae'r ystafell flasu ble mae Dylan yn cynnal sesiynau blasu gyda sgwrs am y gwinoedd.  Daeth y bwrdd mawr i mewn trwy'r ffenest ar y chwith a ni fydd yn symud o'r fan am hir iawn.  Rydym wedi cynnal sesiynau blasu i ddysgwyr yr iaith Gymraeg a siaradwyr cyntaf - fel dwi'n ffond iawn o ddweud, rhugl ar ôl un gwydred! Rydym hefyd yn llogi'r ystafelloedd yma i gyfarfodydd neu bartis preifat.

Upstairs, we have the tasting room with a superb boardroom table that had to be hoisted in through the window on the left. I doubt if it will ever leave the building now.  Dylan hosts tutored tasting sessions here and we have also conducted wine tastings for Welsh learners and fluent speakers. Fluent after a glass! The rooms upstairs are also available for private hire for family gatherings or meetings.

Ystafell Presagio gwelwch isod. Wedi'i enwi ar ôl y winllan yn Sbaen o ble mae Dylan yn prynu Rioja. Mae'r llawr derw yn yr ystafell hon yn dyddio nôl i tua 1600. Jest stafell i bobl orffwys gyda diod.
Below is the Presagio room, named after the vineyard from where Dylan buys his Rioja. It has a lovely oak floor dating back to the 1600s. A room to sit and relax in with a glass of wine. 

Ac ystafell Bossotti yw'r nesaf, wedi'i enwi ar ôl y teulu o'r Eidal o ble mewnforiwyd ein gwinoedd cyntaf.  Ar y waliau, gwelwch luniau Huw Lewis-Jones, artist lleol. 
The room below is the Bossotti Room, named after the Italian family vineyard in Piedmonte from where we first imported wine. The pictures are by Hugh Lewis-Jones, a local artist.

Methu peidio rhoi llun o Dyl tu nol y bar!

Couldn't resist a photo of Dylan behind the bar!

Mae wir wedi bod yn flwyddyn brysur. Rydym mor falch o’r diwedd i orffen y cyfieithiad o'r llyfr Bwyd a Gwin.  Mae lansiad y llyfr yn Gwin Dylanwad Wine ar y 1af o Fawrth 2016.  Fel arall, gallwch alw i weld ni yn Waterstones Caerdydd neu yn un o'r sesiynau arwyddo trwy'r flwyddyn. Bydd gwybodaeth fel maent yn cael eu trefnu. Dewch am lymed bach a 'nibbles' o'r llyfr.

It really has been a busy year. I thought the translation would never materialise, but here it is.  The launch is in Gwin Dylanwad Wine, Dolgellau on St David's Day, 1st March 2016.  If you can't make that, call in at the signing in Waterstones, Cardiff on the 5th March for a taster of Rioja and a nibble of something from the book!  There will be other signings in bookshops throughout the year and we shall post information about them.  I hope people enjoy the stories, wine information and recipes as much as they did with the Welsh version.

'Rarebit & Rioja'

Monday, 24 November 2014


Yr Estyniad Gwydr/The Glass Extension

Daeth y dynion o WASP, Caer gyda'r gwydr. 

The men from WASP, Chester arrived with our glass. 

A dyma'r canlyniad. Mae hwn yn well nac oeddwn yn disgwyl. Pawb yn y dref yn ei hoffi yn ffodus, gyda'r estyniad newydd fodern yn gweddu gyda'r hen.

This has exceeded our expectations I'm pleased to say. Everyone in the town seems to love it and the new really sets off the old.

Dyma'r olygfa o'r siop i'r gofod gwydr a gwelwch y grisiau yn mynd i lawr i'r siop win yn y selar ar y chwith.

This is the view from the shop into the glass extension with the stairs going down to the cellar wine shop.

Wrth eistedd yma, y syniad yw bod yr hen adeilad a'r iard yn cael ei arddangos. Dros y 400 mlynedd ddiwethaf, mae sawl haen wedi'i ychwanegu a dyma'n cyfraniad 21ain ganrif i'r hen le.

Sitting here, you can see the old building and courtyard fully exposed. The building has been changed and added to over at least 400 years and this is our 21st century contribution to the layers of time.

 Hapus iawn gyda'n logo newydd!

Very happy with our new logo!

Y penderfyniad terfynol i goroni'r bar oedd sinc. Rydym yn hoff iawn o'r metel yma, bydd yn torri ar draws y coed yn yr ystafell heb deimlad oeraidd, oherwydd mae'n feddal ei olwg. Hefyd, bydd yn magu cymeriad wrth aeddfedu gydag ambell dolc a newid lliw, unwaith eto, mae gadael y deunydd ddweud ei hanes dros y blynyddoedd.

The final decision finally came down to zinc for the bar's crowning glory. It's beautifully soft and cuts across the wood-dominated room without seeming too harsh. As it ages, its character should develop with a soft patina and the dents and bumps of wear, allowing the materials to tell their story of usage over the years.

A'r noson arbennig? 27ain Tachwedd 2014 - Noson Siopa Hwyr Dolgellau. Welwn ni chi yna. 

And the special night? 27th November, 2014 - Dolgellau Late Night Shopping. See you there.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Y Gwaith Coed/The Wood Work

Y Ffenest/The Window

Dwi'n sylweddoli mod i'n eratic braidd efo'r blog, ac yn ymddiheuro am hyn. Mae'n ddyddiau prysur ofnadwy am sawl rheswm arnom: fi yn gweithio llawn amser fel dirprwy yn yr ysgol a genedigaeth wyres fach yn ddau wrthdyniad mawr - yr ail yn creu mwynhad arbennig! Dylan druan sydd yn cymryd y straen i gyd o lafurio a rheoli'r gwaith yn yr adeilad. Ac yn neud joban dda iawn mae rhaid dweud! (Dwi'n gorfod bod yn ofalus, mae’n darllen hwn).  Yn ogystal â dal i redeg y busnes gwin, mae o wedi paentio'r lloriau uchaf i gyd, ac yn aros i ddechrau ar y gwaelod. Erbyn hyn, mae trydan trwy'r adeilad a'r sustem wresogi yn ei le yn barod.

I realise that the posts are very erratic - sorry about that. These are very busy days for many reasons, not least becoming grandparents for the first time! I'm also working full time at school. Dylan has been working ridiculous hours to push the project ahead and manage the work and he's doing a splendid job (I have to be very careful here, he reads this). He's been busy painting the upper floors which are nearly finished.  The electrical work is nearly complete and the heating system is in place.

Credaf fod werth dangos ychydig o'r gwaith coed newydd i chi. Rydym wedi gweld sawl enghraifft o'r hen goed yma, a phiti garw bod gymaint ohono’n gorfod diflannu'n eto am y 100 mlynedd nesaf neu fwy mae'n debyg. Dwi'n meddwl am ryw gwpl ifanc (ddim fel ni!) yn prynu'r lle yn 2104 ac yn tynnu’r lle'n racs a bydd yr hen bren yn cael dweud helo wrth olau dydd eto am gyfnod. Beth bynnag, roedd angen ceisio rhoi ffenest newydd gyda'r un patrwm a'r hen un (edrychwch ar y blog cyntaf). Felly, dyma alw ar Alan Trow a'i fab Adam. Gwelwch y gwaith syfrdanol, does angen dweud dim mwy.

I thought you might like to see the new wood work we commissioned. We have seen the examples of lovely old wood exposed and sadly, these will be covered up soon for the next 100 or so years.  Maybe some young couple (unlike us!) will come along to take it apart again in 2114 and the old beams and planks will see the light of day again briefly. However, we needed to reconstruct the beautiful window and carving that was there. Call in Alan Trow and his son Adam. Look at this stunning work, it speaks for itself so I'll shut up.

Y Darn Pwysig - Y Bar/The Important Bit - The Bar

Roedd o'n teimlo'n gam pwysig iawn i weld y sgerbwd o'r bar yn ei le - Alan Trow eto. Mae Dylan di cael llond bol, pob tro rwy'n cerdded i mewn dwi'n dweud 'Sauvignon mawr plîs!' Dwi'n enwog yn y teulu am wasgu pob diferyn allan o jôc. Methu aros i weld y top, pwy all ddyfalu o beth mae wedi'i wneud?

It felt like a really significant step when the skeleton for the bar was put in - Alan Trow again. Dylan now just gives me that resigned look when I walk in and order a large Sauvignon every time, nothing like labouring a joke until it's a husk. Can't wait to see the top.  Who can guess what we're going to use?

Gwelwch yr hen lawr leino uchod, o dan hwn roedd pren da, felly yn arbed arian trwy beidio gorfod gosod llawr pren newydd i mewn. Hwre!

You can just about see the old 'pretend wood' linoleum in the picture above. Well, it was covering a perfectly good wooden floor, so for once, we are saving money by not having to put a new floor down. 

Won't be long before customers are sitting there hopefully!

A golwg ar y gorffennol cyn darfod - hen lun o'r adeilad o ddechrau'r 20fed ganrif efallai - neu ychydig yn gynt?

Before I go, a quick blast from the past - an old picture from either the very early 20th century or possibly a bit earlier.

Cofiwch, gallwch ddilyn y blog trwy glicio ar y gofod anodd iawn i'w weld, sydd o dan y logo, a gyda lle i'ch cyfeiriad e-bost - dewch o na! Da chi'n gwybod bydd dim llif o e-byst yn eich blychau e-bost ar y ret dwi'n sgwennu! Hefyd, gallwch hoffi ein tudalen Facebook neu ein dilyn ar Twitter i gael newyddion o ddigwyddiadau blasu ayyb. Hwyl am y tro.

Remember to follow the blog by clicking on the 'very difficult to see' space marked 'e-mail address' just under the logo - let's face it, I'm not going to be clogging up your inbox with the frequency of my posts. Also, if you're a fan of Facebook o'r Twitter you can like/follow us for news of tastings etc - click on the links below. Bye for now.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Yr Estyniad Gwydr/The Glass Extension

Sialens a Hanner/A Real Challenge

Edrychwch ar y post cyntaf a gwelwch hen estyniad to fflat ar ochr yr adeilad. Hwn fydd yr estyniad gwydr ble roedd ar un tro, ychydig o iard neu gwrt bach. Fel y gallwn agor y grisiau gwreiddiol yn ôl i'r seler i gael y siop win yno, ein bwriad yw rhoi estyniad gwydr drosto a bydd lle i eistedd yma hefyd.

If you look at the earlier blogposts, you can see a bit of an ugly flat roof extension. This is will be a glass extension with seating, providing a modern contrast for the old building. Hopefully, this will retain the idea of the courtyard whilst allowing us to open the old stairway into the cellar to create a cellar shop.

Daeth Meirion y mab sydd a'r cwmni Xtreme Track i dyllu i lawr i'r seler a dyna ble darganfuwyd yr hen risiau.

Meirion Black of Xtreme Track came along with his digger to excavate and we were delighted to uncover the old staircase leading to the cellar.

Meirion & Phil - tough job on their hands.

Grisiau gwreiddiol - Original steps

Wedyn, roedd rhaid cael Wyn Rowlands yn ôl i roi strwythur dur i mewn yn barod i ddal y gwydr.

Enter Wyn Rowlands again to erect the steel structure ready for the glass.

Dyma'r agoriad i'r estyniad gwydr cyn i Dylan gael ei ollwng arno...

Here's the entrance to the glass extension before Dylan was let loose on it...

....peek a boo... ar ôl.

...and after

Tra mae'r gwaith yn carlamu'n ymlaen, rydym yn brysur yn y siop win/caffi ac yn cynnal sesiynau blasu: Blasu Bach Nos Wener yn rhad ac am ddim yn ogystal â mynd ar daith i gynnal nosweithiau blasu. Y diwethaf yn Llanerfyl i godi arian i Bwyllgor yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol. Wel dyma griw da oedd yma.

Meanwhile, the wine business continues in the old Dylanwad as a shop and cafe/bar in the day. The free mini tastings on Friday nights are well attended - the last one showcasing our new wines from Italy. We continue to supply shops and restaurants in the area and conduct tutored tastings too, the last one in Llanerfyl to raise money for the Eisteddfod.

Barod am y noson/Ready to start.

Terri & Dylan

Fel athrawes, mae'r pleser o wylio Dylan yn ymladd i gadw sylw cynulleidfa sy'n, gawn ni ddweud, cynyddu yn eu mwynhad o'r gwin, yn eithaf sadistaidd mae'n debyg. Dyma nhw'n gwrando'n astud...

As a teacher I admit freely to taking pleasure watching Dylan battle for the attention of a slowly mellowing audience whose inclination to listen is fading with every sip. Here's a nice quiet and attentive audience....

....hmmm, gorfod gweithio ychydig bach yn galetach ar ôl y trydydd gwin!

....and working a bit harder there to keep control after the third wine!

Diolch am eich diddordeb yn ein prosiect. Byddaf yn gweithio tuag at beidio gyrru hysbyseb pob tro mae post newydd allan, felly os hoffech barhau i gael eich diweddaru, arwyddwch i'w dderbyn trwy e-bost. Gadewch i mi wybod os oes unrhyw anhawster.

Thank you for your interest in our project. I am working towards stopping notifications of when a post is published, so if you want updates, sign up to receive them by e-mail. Let me know if you have any difficulties with this.